Social Responsibility

Responsible Toursim Practice

Sunny was born in Kawardha only, and fulfilled his dream of building a rural home-stay in the temple village of Bhoramdeo back in 2004. There is a joie de vivre about Sunny that is gloriously infectious: village tours in his knowledgeable and capable hands are both fun and fascinating. He is acutely attuned to the joys and hardships of village and forest life, and works hard to protect and support the vulnerable people amongst whom he lives.We have involved all the local artisans and local people in this small effort.

The house is made by the local tribes only. It takes regular maintenance and local villagers get the frequent income.

Some local people are also getting trained as a guide and guiding our tourists in a pure authentic way.

We purchase most of the raw materials from village itself so in a way all the local people get regular income.

They all are living their life with dignity.

BJR follows such Responsible Tourism practices like instead of bringing dancers to our place, we try to take tourists to villages to witness traditional dance performances, so that the whole village can enjoy the performance. It also helps the young generation to understand and respect the value of their culture and tradition being followed by their ancestors and tribes. All We also practice for composting, using solar energy, iinstalling wood-fired boilers for hot water. A rain water harvesting unit has also been installed and the water thus collected can be used especially in summer. Community farming is being done for all the community people. Stitching camps are also organized for women to promote self-dependency. Small efforts are made side by side to fulfil the social accountability.